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At Aspire Dental Care, our employees come first. We believe that attracting, hiring, and nurturing the right people is what sets our clinic apart. You will be surrounded by team members that do the right thing, using sound judgment, even when no one is looking.


We hire and retain individuals that consistently demonstrate warmth, care and courage to support and strengthen the team.

Dr Sincere Wong dentist

Career Openings:
 Associate Dentist
Dental Hygienist



We are looking to hire individuals who are committed medium to long term and ultimately enjoy a successful career with us.

Our promise is to provide comprehensive dentistry that will help Hong Kong people keep their teeth for their lifetime in good health and/or exceptional aesthetics. 



  • Using your best judgement to do what is fair and right, even when it may not be in your immediate self-interest.

Empathy and Hospitality​

  • Aware of how your own behaviour impacts others and makes them feel.

  • A true desire to satisfy the needs of others in a fast paced environment (likes to do things FOR people as opposed to doing things TO people).​

Aspire Dental Care dental surgery assistant

Career Openings:
Dental Surgery Assistant

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